Zoom Teeth Whitening

There are many causes of discolored teeth. The most common causes are aging and consumption of staining substances like coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco.  Just about anyone can benefit from teeth whitening. However, effectiveness varies from person to person.

Over the counter whitening methods can cause sensitivity damage to gums and teeth, especially in patients with gum recession, broken teeth and untreated cavities. It is essential to see a dentist prior to whitening your teeth.  Getting an exam and professional teeth cleaning prior to whitening will greatly improve your results.

You can choose to whiten your teeth at home or in the office. At Smile Design Associates we use the finest whitening products and methods available (ZOOM! in office and ZOOM! Take home whitening products)


At home method

An impression is taken to make a custom fit tray to hold the whitening gel against the teeth. You simply wear the trays with the ZOOM! Gel provided about a half hour per day for 6-8 consecutive days. It’s that easy.  Once you have your trays you can use them to “touch up” your whitening at any time!

In office method

If you prefer your teeth to get immediately whiter you can choose to whiten in one visit with ZOOM! in office whitening.  The ZOOM! whitening gel’s active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide.  The ZOOM! light aids in activating the gel so it can quickly and easily penetrate the surface of the tooth.  The procedure is very safe and does not hurt the enamel on your teeth. You may experience some minor sensitivity to cold which will disappear after a few days. ZOOM! is not recommended for children under 13 years of age and for pregnant or nursing women.

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